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Bake Creamy

I creating bake creamy version but on pino credit to 01717


I create bake creamy version because I want to use this pic to decorate my short fiction(yama) and I think its great <3


I want to watch damakano so bad! crazy about kozuke kun XD 1380592_10151934113931885_1670524459_n

I can make it!

credit template to 6140 thank you sooo much! make arashi paperdoll is my happiness

now, I gotta go to write yama pair fiction after 1 year I stop writing . hope everything will be ok

takecare everyone <3

Why I can't upload photo?

Why I can't upload a photo?

Enomoto Kei chan XD <3



Kei chan !  So Cuteeeeeee to the maxx!! I love him! I think I will make another one ,maybe Kageyama or Maybe 5 Boys set. What should I do ? XD I'm addicted about this!


This Kei Chan, I make by using cutter to make it after I got the pain on the right hand from it. so, my docter telling me to use cutter to make it. and so, I can make it again!


Kei Chan!

Arashi Paper Doll

Because of Rainy season!

I made it !!!!!!!!!

Happy about that so much ! XD So pround to myself <3

Sakura sake

sakura from isetan,thailand

I always love the festival cause a lot of shop in isetan will have a   special promotion about sakura like  soft cream sakura

chucream sakura cream

and this year most favorite for.me is anmitsu!

love sakura! <3

today I want to upload about yanyan!


I think yanyan panda version will be gone from thailand. maybe it's will be forever TT_______________T


What should I do? I find it every mall but never see  TT and I found it at villa market at cityviva ,nearby of my house! and I want all of them / save my money ,God!


keep calm about weight,fat,body and sexy....


just eat yanyan! / poor me


ps. yanyan is maakun favorite snack


My Golden is looking !

My Golden always doing like this when I eat something.


Just want to say, Dog is like a bestfriend without word but you can feel it .


Ps. sorry for my poor english.